Nietzsche - Deleuze .. as always or often

 while looking for something along these lines I came over this video which turns out to be a part of a series of lectures and talks


In Barbara Stiegler's talk she brings up (i've only seen it once but will listening an watching again)
 interesting connections about Apollo and Dionysus which made me think oh

yes  there's that Molar God of  the Sun

Apollo the paranoid

and Dionysus the revolutionary schizo ofthe night and the moon and the mad rays

 of desire__________________and its crazy unpredictable lines

                                                   of escape


Her understanding of Deleuze's take on Apollo the cop is just wrong headed and needlessly critical and academic __ notwithstanding  her nice ish french accent,

 she's just off the beam, __she never connects the Deleuze of Difference and Repetition to the one of A Thousand Plateaus and A/O where it's stated    and polemcially mocked

  about believing in these gods and taking them seriously as if mattered at all!

For Christ's Sake give it a break

No one needs or even wants to hear about the cop (ie the Signifier Apollo or any of that ilk) need ing  their place in the sun,

it's a given

 Molarity does exist already and so does the boring apollo and other cop dead gods.

Her reading on the b.w.o is just too easy, all these late academics are really getting boring, and not atll exciting,

 it's a pity!

I could not listen to the whole talk , it was silly I mean really who gives a rats ass.

Sometimes these people just go round and round in circles they are akin to liteary critics who similar things and endless talk about the meaning of someone's work,


More another time,

                we're sailing