essence -existence


essence __ existence

         ___________________difference and repetition __not drawing a false parallel here but noting

the remarkable similarities,  and the schizo signifiers (which break the analogies 'the likes')

                            the split existence of god's existence,

 (and)  the name of the body,

   suggestion   like petals falling from eternity,



Contre courant - 23 Janvier 17


To our Enemies _Eric Alliez & Maurizio Lazzarato_ link to the work    discussed in the above video 

1. We are living in the time of the subjectivation of civil wars. We did not leave the period of triumph of the market, automation of governmentality, and depoliticization of the economy of debt to go back to the era of “world views” and the conflicts between them. We have entered a time of building new war machines.



John Sellars - Six Theses on Deleuze's Stoicism


Published on 10 Nov 2014
A/V#4.01 2006 Autumn

This paper argues that Deleuze’s relationship with Stoicism goes far beyond his explicit comments on the Stoics in The Logic of Sense and that his philosophy as a whole is marked by a deeper Stoicism. It outlines six points of contact between Deleuze and Stoicism, locating the Stoics within Deleuze’s philosophical genealogy, and noting affinities in the areas of what might be labelled ontology, meta-philosophy, psychology, politics, and ethics.


le concept du désir


Deleuze sur le concept du désir : il conclut sur une approche constructiviste : “je désire dans un ensemble”, “il n'y a pas de désir qui ne coule dans un agencement”, “désirer c'est construire un agencement, c'est construire un ensemble”, quelque chose comme un réseau…



b'end academy dele


end academy  File deleuze which doesnt need to bed one for Fel ix as his work never got recognized anyhow!||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||


bake yr own feleuze cookies marketing yr own fomputer fomapany of besaire gasket idears as agencements





______________  Gome up with zomething fetter if yr going to greate

 between each becoming a like

   a  dog
                  a desire

______________________D  SOund like a lame cow for gods sake out to the bog it goesChrist!



you're foldin'


you're folding
yr books an blogs
mister deleuze

as the bilge


jesus and pyschoanalysis


  Before the end of the world Jesus knew it was time but not psycho anal ysis but schizo
    the same
as  the


More acome again

__ cause how do you know what is really real  my green eyed Url

  it's the hence of the world as it's flat as a  laid out train? no something like that epic  train and book  .

lover to bloc and wood     .




~ a thou


a thousand little deleuzes 

1 goes this                                                                                                         2 
                                                                                                                         went this



| ______________________________________________________________ |

|                                                                                                                                                         |


it was and was not

|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| signal wave  ~  blurring in  that radio second phrase over air-wave

 t'was my uncle uncole mon oncle ecole what studied with Deleuze attending the lectures at Vincennes
            not i  not i                                       no   t                I   ,   but ever' thing is fiction      ~  

 O is it now  
                                                  oh yes  everyth ing but suffering for that  we need      !~  



Conférence Alain BADIOU avec des lycéens

French thinker and critic of Deleuze __ Badiou thoughts about recent events  __ Badiou the 'other'

philosopher, whose work  stands for one of the poles of a philosophy of immanence (if I understand

this rightly)  albeit from a different perspective .

perhaps a 'better' philosopher than Deleuze  himself . A heretical thought for Deleuzeianos!


if yr tinkering or along the edge